Every day, thousands of listeners tune in to Real Estate Coaching Radio for the top real estate news, insights, analysis, and coaching information from Tim & Julie Harris. We get lots of fan mail & listener feedback, and in today’s show we’re going to run you through the top listener questions to start out the 2018 year!

#1. How can I create more business where clients know and want ME rather than I’m random until proven?

*Center of Influence and Past Client Expansion Plan
*3 Meet ups weekly, 3 CALLS daily and 1 pop by campaign monthly
*Market your successes; Just sold calls, cards and pop bys when YOU are the one selling the property; whether you’re on the buyer or seller side.

#2. I need a system for hiring the right people. How to train them?

*Who do you need and when?  TC then Buyers Agent or referral agents.
*Delegate Lead Follow Up and Lead Gen AFTER You have mastered this, not because you’re avoiding it.
*Let us train them up for you. Premier Coaching covers every aspect of real estate from generating, converting, following up, prequalifying, presenting, negotiating and closing.
*Don’t give too much credit to DISC, Meyer’s Briggs, etc.  It’s a profile; not a diagnosis.

#3. I Need a more predictable business. Success seems so random in real estate!

*Multiple ‘spokes’ will iron out the feast and the famine. You must be working with both people who know you and people who don’t!
*Accumulation effect is driven by your daily, productive schedule.
*Lead Follow Up Daily
*Lead Generation Daily
*Daily minimum # of contacts which equal # of deals you need to do yearly.

#4. I worry that I’m unprepared for changes in the market.

I know whatever the market is doing there us still money to make, but I’ve only sold real estate in essentially a sellers market. I fear that when the market changes, I’ll be in big trouble.

I lean toward  bread and butter of 300-600K. I think I’m afraid of the responsibility of higher priced listings. Up until now my MO was that I sold my listings fast for top dollar and I feel haunted and guilty if they haven’t moved in 2 weeks. The market has changed. My clients aren’t unhappy or anything, but I feel bad.

*Fact: Only 4% of closings in 2017 were distressed.
*You’re with the #1 coaching company for all types of markets, including short sale, reo, bpo and a hot seller’s market!
*You’ll know from us asap when things change and what to do about it. It’s our job.
*Set seller’s expectations based on current trends versus on the yearly averages. Watch the Days on Market and List to Sell Price Ratios for active, pending and closed. See how they compare so you can advise your sellers.

#5. I’m sick of feeling like I do deals out of ‘luck’ versus out of some sort of plan.

*Are you following a plan or are you working on Hope-ium?  Real Estate Treasure Map, Harris Rules, will guide you.
*Consistent effort = consistent results. Follow your dollar productive schedule!
* ‘Distraction is the enemy of Performance’ -Adrian Newey   Eliminate the things that get you off track.
*Media Free Morning for example.

#6. Whats the most effective way to farm?   

My broker is helping me with this. We’ve identified an area where I should have a pretty good advantage and the current dominant player is ageing out, but how do I know if this will be effective?

#7. I have never handled this much business before and I feel spread too thin. 

I am a control freak.  I might need a Transaction Coordinator to get to the next level of volume. What do you think?

#8. I hate that I feel I can’t step out of the biz to relax or take a trip.

Every call I miss could cost me thousands of dollars.

#9. I want to ace every listing presentation.

I need more listing appointments. I need a great pre listing package so they’ve bought me before I arrive to present. I want a tighter listing presentation. I am at the kitchen table too long.

*Pre Listing Package
*PRoven Home Selling System
*Our proven scripts

#10. I am much too hard on myself and expect perfection. If I try to take a day to rest my inner voice says I’m lazy.

*Perfectionism is a form of laziness.
*When you do what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at a high level on work days, you will have far less issue with this.
*Set boundaries from the beginning with clients.

#11. I know how to make money, but I believe I don’t know how to keep it. 

*10% off every check to a dedicated, checkbook free, debit card free account.
*20% to taxes
*Net operating expenses are what’s left.

#12. I don’t really have a plan.

I’m trying to put one together, and i sort of have one, but i feel I’m stumbling down a dark cave and I’m successful by luck (although I’m really working myself to death, literally). I was comparatively very successful from my first year in RE from Zillow, but that’s tiring to maintain. I don’t really have control with Zillow!

#13. I hate prospecting and lead follow up.

Should I hire an ISA to do it for me?

*Delegate your lead gen and lead follow up LAST. If YOU can’t do it, how do you plan to hold an ISA accountable to results?

#14. My office manager says it’s normal to starve for your first 6 months to 2 years in real estate. Really!?

#15. I want to quit my job and do real estate full time, but I have no reserves. How will I ever get to full time??

#16. I have been in real estate 20+ years, I know what I’m doing and I do it all the freaking time!

How do I keep my volume (or increase it) AND have a life? I feel like my life IS real estate.

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