As a real estate agent, you are in the driver’s seat to your own definition of success. No one else can take your keys away to stop you. Those keys? Your motivation, your time and your effort.

Here are seven practices many high worth real estate agents employ every day. These practices may help you maximize your motivation, time and effort so you’re able to reach your own definition of success sooner rather than later.

1. Get a coach or a mentor. Real estate agents have to know a lot to become successful so instead of becoming overwhelmed, floundering or just giving up, learn to absorb your coach’s knowledge and skills.
2. Create a solid foundation for yourself and your business. That foundation is your broker. Once you’ve determined whom that broker will be, cultivate that relationship so your broker invests her/himself in your business.
3. Manage your risks. Knowing the compliance risks involved in buying and selling houses is imperative. Your broker can help here. Make sure your broker has the expertise and time to help manage those risks.
4. Hire a virtual assistant. The reality is that no one can do it all. Find someone you trust who has the skills and presence to do tasks you’re able to delegate, or work with an outsourcing company to do it for you.
5. Always answer your phone. If you’re unable to answer your phone personally, choose a virtual assistant or app to do it on your behalf. Bottom-line here…no availability, no clients.
6. Create a clear identity as a professional. Communicate your expertise, your services, your niche. Find others with comparable identity, integrity, volume production, etc. and collaborate with them regularly.
7. Continuously and consistently market yourself. Agents must stay in the client’s and public’s eye in order to generate loyalty and awareness to you and your brand, expertise and specialties within the market. Communicate your message in the same voice on all channels regularly.

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