Here are some words of wisdom from a recently retired top producing, luxury real estate agent in Beverly Hills, John Aaroe.

In 2015, Aaroe and his Aaroe Group merged with Pacific Union Brokerage, at the time the 9th largest firm in terms of sales volume, in the country. It was a blend of outstanding luxury properties in California, advanced technology, innovative thinking and outstanding services to an international marketplace. Aaroe, a top-producing agent all his life, retired in late 2017.

Here are some of Aaroe’s observations about characteristics found in high worth real estate agents…

1. Top producers show up…whether they want to or not. (Ever heard or read that before from Tim and Julie and/or Harris Rules?) Daily, according to Aaroe, top producers head towards the unknown regardless of market conditions…” you can’t control market conditions.”
2. Top producers understand and appreciate who they are as ambassadors to the real estate market. They are not the client’s friend nor are they as important as the client. The client and the property are the two important elements.
3. Top producers maintain a professional distance to avoid drama and emotional entanglements. The top producer’s job is to best position the client in order to successfully complete the transaction in the client’s best interests. Top producers seek to execute win-win transactions for all parties involved.
4. Top producers do not wallow in shoulda, woulda, coulda’s. Disappointments happen multiple times a day, every day. Top producers give themselves no more than 24 hours to get back into gear.
5. Top producers believe they are the best at what they do and they associate with others who exude that same self-confidence and pride. They and their associates are not arrogant; they are completely aligned with and able to articulate their brand.

Aaroe believes that brokers have the obligation to provide agents with the tools and programs needed in order to be successful. He also believes that agents have the obligation to use those tools and products to the best of their ability.

Aaroe’s bottom line: “The most productive agents are committed to, not just interested in, the real estate industry. They’re passionate, enthusiastic and willing to work very hard every day…they maintain an entire arsenal of facts, programs and tools…they tailor these options to their specific clients.”

There you have it from one of the most successful, John Aaroe.

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