loanDepot announced today, February 7, that Chris Heller, formerly the CEO of the international real estate standout Keller Williams, is taking over loanDepot’s newest vertical platform, mello Home.

Heller, a 30-year real estate professional as an agent, owner, brokerage leader and executive who launched the first overseas real estate master franchise expansion, certainly has the standing and experience to propel mello. He obviously has the passion as well.

Heller said, “I’ve had the same vision (as loanDepot CEO Anthony Hseih) even when I was with Keller Williams providing consumers with what they want and the type of customer experience we should be striving for. When I saw what loanDepot was doing, I discovered (that this) is a really good fit for me, aligned with what’s best for buyers and sellers.”

As an addition to loanDepot’s foundational financial tech lending platform, mello Home matches pre-approved buyers, its proprietary tech platform and leading, local, experienced, vetted real estate agents and brokerages to provide clients with seamless, more cost effective and faster home buying experiences.

mello Home is free for both consumers and agents to join. Agents, however, pay a fee if they close a transaction found on the mello platform. Consumers pay no such fee.

Heller’s years, eyes, ears and stature in real estate have given him the perspective and insights to launch such an effort. He believes he knows “where the gaps are, where the holes are, where the challenges are, where the pain parts are (in the home buying and selling process), not just for consumers but for the people within the industry as well.”

Heller’s move toward mello Home is an example of a person taking stock of his vision, his values, his expertise and experience and of his market. His own words are interestingly in sync with those of loanDepot’s Hseih (see last week’s post about the company.) Likely, mello Home will disrupt the 2018 real estate industry advantageously and effectively for all consumers and professionals involved.

Editor’s Note: Chris Heller is long-time friend of our organization, and we’re proud to hear of his achievement in taking the reigns at mello Home. You can listen to our Superstar Interview with Chris here.





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