As an agent or broker, have you ever wondered why you may lose a client to your competition? One reason could be your continued use of traditional and dated forms of advertising and marketing, from TV ads and telemarketing to mailers.

Today, social media is allowing agents and brokers to reach more of their target audience for a fraction of the cost.

If you have tried it without the results you were expecting, there could be some key reasons, including using an untrained office assistant or because campaigns are poorly organized, lack of personalization, or feature poor content.

Your clients are finding solutions to all of their problems online. You want to be able to get your message out on these same channels.
Marketing campaigns must attract clients to your business through the effective use of search engine optimization and leveraging targeted paid traffic, which makes it easy for potential customers to find your content or services.
“Sharing individual listings on an as-needed basis is not a sustainable strategy when it comes to building awareness,” says Reggie Nicolay, vice president of Marketing for REALTORS® Property Resource. “Listings do not inform or engage consumers beyond those immediately interested in purchasing a home.”

This also makes potential agents want to be part of your team because the authority and assistance you have provided. When your content is shared on various social media platforms, it becomes more trusted, increases exposure and brings more customers’ to your site.

The best way to do this is with a personalized video accompanied by relevant articles, as it receives up to 70 percent more engagement.

Real estate agents must get their message out to the right audience. This means using the proper social media channels. Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great if you have content tailored to meet user needs.

As an agent or broker, you also should keep your professional and personal social media accounts and posts separate.

Moreover, Page Insights, a Facebook analytics tool, can be a key for you to unlock audience interaction. With Insights you will be able to glean valuable information regarding the form of content that gets maximum traction.

So what can agents and brokers do to consistently inform, engage and grow their sphere of influence above and beyond posting listings? Nicolay recommends mixing it up for maximum impact.

“A balanced mix of content yields the greatest reward in terms of capturing interest and earning commitment,” she said. “Market activity reports, neighborhood data, buying and selling tips, home improvement ideas, and even community events offer agents a chance to communicate both market knowledge and valuable information to potential buyers and sellers, building a lasting relationship over time.”

High-quality videos and pictures make for most compelling content on Instagram. You can also post interesting infographics and sharable graphics. A perfect fit for real estate.

As a real estate agent or broker, the key is to approach social media marketing just like any other big business would. This means investing some time and money. Do this and you will get the results you are seeking.

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