Almost one half of American adults, 45%, are single, according to the US Census Bureau. Given that single people have only themselves to satisfy when choosing where to live, what are the deciding factors?

WalletHub, a personal finance website, recently researched and ranked the best cities for singles. Among the 32 factors WalletHub evaluated among 300 cities were affordability, job growth opportunities, average prices for restaurant meals, walkability, online dating scenes, recreational activities, arts and cultural events, etc

Here are WalletHub’s top five cities for singles:

Los Angeles

Singles ranked LA 4th for fun and 5th for dating opportunities. Don’t forget great weather and limitless arts, sports, cultural opportunities. The problems? Traffic congestion and high living costs, including inflated prices for everything.


Ranked #3 for dating opportunities and #10 for recreation and fun, Atlanta is ranked #1 in housing with a current home value pegged at $181,700. According to, more than 15% of homeowners in Atlanta are single women.

San Francisco

The main problem for singles wanting to live in San Francisco is affordability. As of 12/17, a one-bedroom rental cost $3,372/month. The City also ranks the 3rd highest for restaurant meals. Other than those key affordability issues, singles ranked San Francisco at #3 in both fun and recreation opportunities and #4 for dating opportunities. The place is geographically gifted and filled with endless opportunities to pursue whatever interest anyone may have.


Considered to be an outdoor paradise, Denver is ranked #5 for dating opportunities and #16 for fun and recreation. The mile high city is ranked #94, right in the middle, for economics, cost of living, housing, etc.

San Diego

Warm weather, beautiful beaches and lots to do draw people of all ages from all over the world to San Diego. Known as one of the best travel destinations in the country and one of the best for craft beers, singles ranked San Diego as #4 for a high balance of males and females and #5 for fun and recreation. The problem? #149 in terms of high cost of living.


According to WalletHub’s chief analyst Jill Gonzalez, “For singles who are evaluating a city to relocate to or visit, it’s helpful to find a city that reflects your own values and interests.” This statement makes sense…research indicates that people tend to be attracted to others who have similar interests and values.

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