We’re joined today by Frank Klesitz founder of a video/email marketing company called Vyral Marketing, which he’s grown from scratch to $3+ million in revenue in 7 years.

He now runs the company from San Diego with 60+ employees back in his hometown of Omaha, NE, and was recently featured in the Huffington Post for his innovative, low-cost solutions for team communications.

As HuffPost writer Verne Harnish has written,

“Frank Klesitz knew something had to change when the CEO found himself yelling at his team as he embarked on the scale-up of his company, Vyral Marketing. Klesitz, 30, lives in San Diego, but the vast majority of its employees are based in Omaha, Nebraska.”

“Communication was starting to break down as Vyral Marketing grew from a handful of people who knew each other well to a larger group. It quickly dawned on Klesitz that he had to run the fast-growing company like the organization it was. “Being in San Diego really forced me to get strategic.”

Frank joins us today to discuss his marketing & leadership experience, especially how businesses can use video to increase engagement and sales in today’s competitive marketplace.

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