In today’s podcast, we’re discussing how to generate MASSIVE real estate leads – without having to rely on Zillow, Trulia, or any other big lead-generation portal! We’re also addressing some audience feedback about Zillow Bashing, below:

Hi Tim,

I listen to your podcast AND I’ve read your book and both are great! I will say that your bashing of Zillow isn’t entirely accurate. They screwed me, yes, but I still made money. The reason why was because I live in Sacramento and we are getting a crazy migration from the San Francisco Bay Area where people are cashing out of houses that are not worth the prices (but they are selling for millions) and they are coming to our market. We are a two hour car ride and so they shop online first and they PICK THEIR REALTOR that way. I used Zillow from Dec 2016-May 2017 and spent about $22k, but I got the following:

They gave me great leads at first and then I got mobile homes and rentals about ½ way through but I did make money. I’m not using them now and I’m competing for listings AND buyers with a fully saturated slate of agents. I’m actually close to hanging up the towel and calling it quits after 3 years in the business – I came from the tech industry. I’ve made masters club every year but the insanity of the competition right now is pathetic. I just had a buyer lose out on a home where another buyer paid $50k over the comps. That’s our market.

Just know that Zillow does work sometimes EVEN when we’re competing with other agents for the same leads. It just bugs me when you say it doesn’t work anymore because it does…sometimes.

Keep up the good work!

— Anonymous

Tune in to today’s show as we discuss this topic & drill down on the best ways to generate leads without having to deal with the “hit or miss” results outlined in this letter!