Some owners may need to remodel/renovate their homes to fully enjoy them. Some owners may need to remodel/renovate their homes to sell them. After all, remodeling/renovating is what attracts buyers and enhances home value, right?

Know the difference between these “fully enjoying” and selling purposes as they are not the same. Once you’ve clearly defined each purpose, do what’s needed to accomplish each one. And, in the meantime, don’t overspend.

Here is a list of first things first remodeling items to consider:

  1. Replace or repaint the front door, the crown to your home’s curb appeal.
    1. Replacement with fiberglass (approximately $3,000) or steel (approximately $1,300)
    2. Recoup between 82% – 91% of the cost, according to the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report
    3. Repaint the front door for approximately $50 to cover costs of primer, paint and supplies…the colors white and red are perennial front door favorites, according to Angie’s List.
  2. Dress up plain windows with shutters at approximately $50/pair.
  3. Add flower-filled planters or window boxes.
  4. Replace or repaint garage door.
    1. Replacement with steel (approximately $1,600.) or with higher end carriage doors (approximately $3,000.)
    2. Recoup approximately 91% according to the Remodeling Report.
    3. Paint garage door costs approximately $50 – consider adding faux decorative windows at the top of the door
  5. Update exterior lighting and decorative hardware.
  6. Kitchens sell houses.
    1. Replacing cabinet doors and hardware, flooring, switching out counters, adding mid-range sink and energy efficient appliances can cost approximately $20,000.
    2. Recoup approximately 83% of kitchen replacement costs, according to the Remodeling Report.
    3. Paint cabinet doors, add a sleek tile backsplash, swap out counter with laminate that looks like granite instead of granite all cost approximately $1,500 – $4,500, according to HouseLogic.
  7. New bathrooms cost approximately $40,000 and recoup approximately 60% ROI.
  8. Adding a back-up generator costs approximately $13,00 and recoups approximately 60% ROI.





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