Visualize a lion and lioness. No doubt you imagine animals that are regal, powerful, poised and fearless. Animals that stand their ground…animals that are intolerant of nonsense and distractions. Lions and lionesses exude strength, prowess, wisdom. They hold up their heads with confidence…they display leadership, tenderness and compassion for every member of their pride.

When you have internalized you picture of a lion or lioness, turn your visualization to a goat. Unlike a lion or lioness, goats are prey. They instinctively know that they can easily become some other animal’s meal. Therefore, goats are light on their feet and highly adept at scampering out of the way. Goats are animals that scare easily and are fickle minded with no real affinity to a herd even though they follow that herd without standing up for themselves.

Now transpose your visualizations of a lion/lioness and a goat into the architecture of your business. Chances are that you’d choose to become a lion or lioness within the structure and design of your business rather than a goat. Hanging an image of a lion or lioness on the wall of your business (cubicle, office, home…wherever it is that you work…or a lion car key chain if your office is your car) may help remind you of your choice to be a lion or lioness while you’re working.

Taking on the persona of a lion or lioness, not a goat, while you’re working will be reflected in how you carry yourself. Your lioness persona will influence how others perceive you. It will help you overcome challenges, obstacles and adversity. Assuming your lion persona will help you remain strong and in control regardless of what or who goes “wrong.”

Lions apply their muscles and strength only when necessary. Lionesses never berate subordinates…they never condescend. These kings and queens of the jungle always remain dignified, regal to convey their point and they always use a light touch while being crystal clear.

Think about it. Become the leader, the lion, the lioness within your pride of clients, colleagues and staff. Everyone within your pride will want to take your lead because they will instinctively know that you will do everything you can to ensure that their goals and best interests are met.





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