In 2017, luxury homes languished on the market and sold for less, according to Concierge Auctions.

Based in New York, Concierge Auctions is a luxury residential auction house that “…serves high-net-worth individuals internationally through accelerated solutions that obtain fair market value for one of a kind real estate assets,” has made this market its own in just 7 years.

During the good old days of 2014 and 2015, Concierge Auctions promised and delivered 90-day sales to its clients. Things have since changed. In 2017, 72% of their luxury properties took +180 days to sell.

Longer days on the market translate into lower sale prices. According to Concierge Auctions, homes that sell in less than 6 months generate 93% of the original listing price; homes that take more than 6 months to sell generate 71% of the original listing price.

Here are Concierge Auctions’ figures that indicate average days on the market in luxury home areas:

San Francisco – 55

Brentwood – 154

Palo Alto – 180

Boston – 241

Seattle – 358

Greenwich – 478

Miami – 608

Philadelphia – 771

Westchester – 798

Atlanta – 953

Cape Cod – 982

Nashville – 1062

Luxury Market Requires Patience & Flexibility



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