Fact: You have many plates spinning at once.  In fact, the more motivated, more highly achieving types have even MORE, not less. Here’s another fact – you sometimes feel you’ve reached the speed limit of your business and don’t actually want any more. How do you make space and create mental clarity? In today’s podcast, we’ll be discussing how to clear your mind & achieve true goal-oriented focus in your life & career!

Exactly HOW do you make space and create Mental Clarity?

1              Remove Decision Fatigue.  What is it?  It’s the time wasted making decisions and wasting time on dumb stuff like what to wear, what to eat, when to eat, etc.

*It takes a few seconds to a few minutes to decide what to wear.  It takes a few minutes of pondering to be sure you made the right choice, what your outfit says to the world, what everyone will think of you on your appointments, etc.

*Doing this every day, using just 10 minutes = 255,500 minutes by the time your 70 yrs old.

Steve Jobs and his black t-shirts.

Mark Zuckerberg, t-shirts and jeans.

Consider Having a signature color, so everything matches.

Have a predictable morning routine to remove your decision fatigue.

Invest in Pre-prepared snacks and meals.

Delivered healthy food eliminates decisions as well as crappy food.

Plan your day out the night before.  Know what time you WANT your appointments.

2       Create the ‘External Brain’ through Action Item Lists.

Legal Pad, Google Sheets or Business Journaling, Evernote, Apps, etc.

The Brain Dump.

Create a system by which you hold yourself accountable other than in your own head.  Your internal brain gets exhausted.

This creates SPACE in your head while still moving forward.

3       Multitasking is a bunch of baloney.  It’s inefficient and mentally exhausting.  FOCUS means to Follow One Course Until Successful means batching your tasks.

Examples:  Enter your 3 new listings all at the same time.  Deal with all of your active sellers at once.  Do all of your errands in one afternoon.

4       Systematize and automate… ‘set it and forget it’.  For example, your Past Client, Center of Influence communication plan.  HappyGrasshopper.com is a set it and forget it system.

Get up at the same time every day.

Stop working at the same time every day.

Have your house cleaned the same day each week, groceries delivered, water delivered, etc.

Update your database every month on the same day.

5       Prioritize top 3 items daily versus attempting to tackle your whole list all the time.  Your priorities must be based on Profit.  What is your next most profitable activity?  Do you have buyers who aren’t buying because YOU haven’t found them something?  Do it or refer them.  What leads haven’t you closed for appointments?  Put deadlines and timers on tasks and execute.

6       Keep your desk and car clean at all times.  Never leave your desk with anything on it.

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