It used to be, in 1970, that 31% of two-parent households had two full-time working adults. Today, 61% of all two-parent households have two full-time working adults.

SmartAsset, a platform that helps people make smart financial decisions, did an analysis of the places where two full-time working parents would fare best. SmartAsset compared median household incomes, median housing costs, unemployment rates, family amenities, overtime rates, state family leave policies, costs of daycare, commute times, etc. of 535 cities in the US.

Here are SmartAsset’s findings:

Ames, IA – Only 44% of full-time workers in Ames work more than 49 weeks a year. This enables working parents to have family vacations and a decent work-life balance. High school graduation rates are high, 91.9%.

  1. Provo, UT – Provo is safer than 85% of other cities. Affordability is good as only 21.5% of incomes are spent on housing costs.
  2. Iowa City, IA – The unemployment rate in Iowa City is only 2.1$ so jobs are plentiful. High school graduation rates stand at 92.4%
  3. Orem, UT – Commute times are great, only 18 minutes though housing costs are +$11,800 higher than other cities mentioned here.
  4. Jonesboro, AR – This is a very affordable city with housing costs averaging $8,600/year.
  5. George, UT – Commute time is nonexistent here and high school graduation rates stand at 80%.
  6. Wichita Falls, TX – Schools are very good here with a 94% high school graduation rate. Commute time averages only 15 minutes.
  7. Santa Clara, CA – This is the only coastal town making this list. Median salaries are high here, $110,000/year, plus there are great family friendly state policies. Housing costs are, on the other hand, exorbitant.
  8. Oshkosh, WI – Oshkosh is one of the best places to save money. Less than 20% of incomes are spent on housing. It is also the 5th safest place in the US.
  9. Abilene, TX – Annual housing costs average $9,500/year here. There is a 90% high school graduation rate. Family leave policies, though, are not great.

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