Brokers, office managers, transaction specialists…the HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® could be a great addition to your professional life and bottom line.

Here’s an opportunity for you to expand your proficiencies and your professional visibility with real estate professionals inside and outside of your own firm.

Here’s an opportunity for you to be creative on your own terms and to call your own shots. Here’s an opportunity for you to become proactive on your own, not reactive to other people’s actions or inactions.

And, here’s an opportunity for you to create new avenues of recurring revenue streams within your own area of expertise.

The HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® program is the industry’s only proprietary, patented coach affiliate program designed to help real estate professionals become successful. And in the process of your helping your colleagues become the best they can be, you as a coach affiliate will stretch yourself in ways perhaps unavailable to you in your “slotted” role within the industry.

Backed by the proven, trusted formulas, content, techniques and strategies pioneered by Tim and Julie Harris (Inman’s Best of the Best Real Estate Coaches), your own entrepreneurial spirit will be awarded with recurring, not transactional, fees as you help others as a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®.

Find out if the HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® program is right for you.

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