In a study published by the Journal Science, researchers, economists and scientists from the National Bureau of Economic Research, the University of California at Berkeley, Princeton University, and the University of Chicago projected GDP estimated changes to states caused by climate change.

Climate change involves such factors as hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, wildfires, excessive rain/wind/snow occurrences. And the impact of climate change factors can include things such as

Expected changes in agricultural yields

Demands for electrical use

Changes in mortality rates

Changes to labor supply

Changes in crime rates

Damage due to rise in sea levels and storm surges

Wildfires are now considered climate change factors due to the fact that California experienced the largest wildfires ever recorded in 2017. Its “wildfire season,” formerly summer time, is now considered to be year-round. Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Oklahoma and Washington also experienced severe wildfires in 2017.

Save wildfires, Wyoming, Rhode Island and Wisconsin tend to be the least concerned about climate change factors.

Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico are still “recovering” from excessive damage caused by hurricanes and flooding in 2017.

Here are projected estimates of GDP changes due to climate change:

  1. Florida – $100.9B
  2. Texas – $100.7B
  3. California – $59.6B
  4. New York – $54,7B
  5. Georgia – $34.2B
  6. Louisiana – $21.8B
  7. North Carolina – $20.2B
  8. Tennessee – $19.8B
  9. Pennsylvania – $18.0B
  10. Arizona – $17.4B



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