By the fact that you’re a Tim and Julie Harris coaching client and listener, you already know that the real estate agents who stand out, the agents who have longstanding, recurrent clients, the agents who are most respected, the agents who are the most successful in the industry are those real estate agents who personify the mindset of helping their clients.

Agents who personify a helping mindset are those who listen to their clients, provide their clients with the most accurate and appropriate information specific to their clients” needs, and help their clients actualize their housing goals.

Now, you can expand your helping mindset and apply that very same mindset with your real estate agent colleagues. Now, you can help your colleagues become the very best agents they can be by a becoming a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®.

And, by becoming a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®, you can get paid for helping your agent colleagues become the best they can be. Just as you get paid commissions for helping your real estate clients, Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching will pay you commissions for helping real estate agents become the best they can be.

Here’s how it works. You sign up for the HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® training program. You are trained by Julie to apply what you know as both a real estate agent and a Harris coaching client, you pass the test to become a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®, and you go out into the world presenting the Tim and Julie Harris proven, proprietary strategies, techniques, scripts, materials, etc.

You decide how you want to go out into the world to present the Harris tools… in a live training session with your (or another) firm, as a podcast, in a webinar, whatever you want. And at the end of that presentation, you ask those attending agents or brokers or transaction specialists or office managers whether or not they’d like a free one-hour coaching session with a Harris New Member Coach.

Just for the sake of saying, half of those attending people will raise their hand and say, “Yes. I’d like a free hour of real estate coaching with a Harris New Member Coach.”

And then you say “Great, may I have your contact information and then a Harris New Member Coach will get in touch with you.”

For every one of those people who then signs up to become a new coaching client with Harris Real Estate Coaching, you will get a commission.

The commission you will receive as a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® is however different than the commission you receive as a real estate agent. The HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate® commission is 70% of the net (approximately $2,100) and the commission is a recurring one on a monthly basis for as long as that person is a Harris Real Estate Coaching client.

Do the math for yourself. $2,100 multiplied by however many people who decide to sign up for Harris Real Estate Coaching based upon your one helping mindset presentation as a HARRIS Certified Coach Affiliate®.

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