2019 is coming down to the wire. Homeowners needing to sell their homes before the holidays need savvy, focused real estate agents to help them do just that. Here are some insider tips from such agents that you may want to add to your strategies.

  1. Make your online listing of the property shine.
    1. Most buyers vet homes online so make sure your listing comes across as a must-see.
    2. Make sure your online listing is as good on a mobile device as it is on a big screen.
    3. Ray Sturm, CEO and founder of AlphaFlow, said, “Make sure your (property) has an online listing that is up-to-date and has optimum photos. Buyers usually don’t like to go out during the cold weather.”
  2. Emphasize holiday features in your listing, photos, videos and showings.
    1. You want to help buyers envision themselves celebrating the holidays in the home.
    2. Highlight architectural features such as fireplaces, sweeping staircases, inviting dining and living areas, etc.
    3. Write a property description that highlights features that count during the holidays. Gill Chowdberg with Warburg Realty uses phrases such as “spacious dining room, ideal for holiday dinners.”
    4. Suzy Minken with Berkshire Hathaway suggests that agents decorate the dining room table with holiday decorations as a way to encourage buyers to celebrate the holidays in this, their new home.
    5. Dawn Houlf, a real estate coach and owner of EXIT Realty Number One, said, “Homes do look their best during the holidays, but, simple is best…too large/many decorations can crowd the home and distract buyers.”
  3. Be flexible with showings.
    1. Shayna Goldberg, broker and chief human resources officer with SetSchedule, told com’s Liz Atterman, “…the more open, available and flexible you are as both a homeowner and agent (about) showings (in the midst of houseguests, going out-of-town, personal entertaining schedule, etc.), the more the home will be seen and the greater your chance for a sale.”
  4. Fast buying buyers want move-in ready homes.
    1. Steve Wadlington, president of WIN Home Inspection, advises that the property to be listed be pre-inspected for a variety of reasons.
      1. Pre-inspected houses are more marketable…buyers like and feel “safer” with “open-book” houses.
      2. A pre-inspected house enables the seller to do the repairs and fixes prior to listing it.
      3. Cleaner, issue-free houses sell faster.
      4. The pre-inspection report will highlight the home’s assets such as granite countertops, new electrical wiring, new appliances, etc.
  1. Having inviting, crisp curb appeal is a top priority.
    1. With no leaves on the trees to hide the home’s exterior blemishes, make sure that home exterior is in great shape.
    2. Paint the front door, do touch-up paint where needed, clean the gutters, hang a decorative wreath, buy a new welcome mat.
    3. Make sure the steps and walkways are free of ice, snow and leaves
  2. Offer incentives.
    1. Sophie Kaemmerie, communications manager with com, told Atterman, “Incentives put you way ahead of the pack.”
    2. Pay the closing costs, throw in a TV, throw in updated appliances, etc.
    3. Be flexible when negotiating price, incentives, etc.
  3. Create a themed open house in conjunction with a charity.
    1. The more eyes that see the listing, the better.
    2. Host an early tree trimming party for the neighborhood.
    3. Offer homemade holiday treats.


Thanks to realtor.com’s Liz Atterman for source data.

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