Key Highlights

  • Pandemic luxury buyers putting emphasis on amenities that enhance outdoor spaces, health safety and home offices
  • Building cleanliness, air filtration systems and sanitation are top priorities for luxury buyers

According to Leonard Steinberg with Compass, “The luxury consumer has a great appreciation for luxury that isn’t just cosmetics and fluff. They’re looking for substance and authenticity, and health is the ultimate substance and authenticity.”

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Luxury buyers are expecting practical quality of life upgrades such as larger outdoor spaces, natural light, air filtration systems, touch-less technology and private office spaces. Roof decks, formerly ignored by many, are now and will be used. Luxury buyers and renters alike are wanting multiple outdoor areas per building and a variety of outdoor activity options. Infinity pools, fire pits, dedicated outdoor children’s play areas and grills, heat lamps, and outdoor dog runs are among luxury buyers’ and renters’ “requests.”

2021’s in-building fitness areas are and will be defined by smaller, separate spaces that offer both safety and privacy. For example, one room for cardio, one room for weights, one room for stretching is becoming the norm so that residents can have and schedule personalized workouts.   And, of course, workouts will be pre-scheduled to keep numbers and traffic down in any fitness area.

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Common areas are becoming larger and larger to accommodate smaller numbers of buyers and renters who may be co-working simultaneously. Some buildings are converting guest-suites into private offices for existing residents to buy or rent. And some private offices are including outdoor terraces, soundproofing, a standing desk and even singular exercise equipment to ensure private workouts.

Even on-site areas for spaces that enable on-demand, individualized entertaining are becoming more and more common. Why take the risk of going to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday when privatized on-site space amenities that include a private dining room and kitchen can provide luxury residents safer and more controlled birthday and/or any kind of party or celebrations?

Lastly, touch-less, digitized elevators, faucets, cloud-based video intercom systems that run throughout luxury buildings and both high- and low-tech solutions to facilitate touch-less deliveries and pick-ups are pandemic-inspired must-haves.

Just remember, cleanliness is king via HVAC filtration systems and an in-building health-care option is queen in the world of luxury amenities.


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