Whether a long-time listener or newbie to Real Estate Coaching Radio, you know that Tim and Julie Harris are consummate professionals who bring you their unbiased wisdom and assessments of excellence in the world of real estate.

On Wednesday, October 16’s podcast, Tim shared his yearlong ambivalence about publicly endorsing the vision and actions of eXp Realty.

Certainly, Tim knew that eXp Realty was virtual, that it had a revenue sharing model for its agents, that it offered stock in the company and that eXp Realty had an elite executive team. Tim also knew that he “had to” learn and know more about this company.

Tim initiated and solicited years-long research into eXp Realty as well as conversations and evaluations about eXp with and from some of the most trusted professionals and colleagues he knows in all aspects of real estate. All the research and information he and others accessed about eXp, including the required public financial filings with the NASDAQ, and all the comments and discussions about eXp were the same…eXp is going to completely change how brokerage works and eXp is going to be the biggest brokerage in the world, sooner rather than later.

In Tim’s mind, what eXp Realty was offering to agents “seemed too good to be true.”

Once reaching that conclusion after months of focus and his own inherent skepticism, Tim then struggled with whether or not he might offend any of you, the clients he and Julie view as their extended family, by aligning themselves with one broker brand, something neither Tim and Julie have done individually nor collectively in all their years of coaching.

Tim experienced real conflict over what he saw as two options in terms of communicating his views about eXp Realty. Either “Tell you and perhaps lose your confidence in our neutrality as professionals.” Or, “Tell you and be in true alignment with our top-level mission of being of service to you.”

Then Tim discussed his conflict with his most trusted person and his beloved spouse of 30 years, Julie. And Julie asked Tim three questions that he wrote down.

  1. Julie – “Does eXp Realty really offer agents something that will truly improve their business and personal lives?” Tim answered, YES.”
  2. Julie – “Does it create a clear and easy to understand path for agents to obtain true financial freedom?” Tim answered, “YES.”
  3. Julie – “Are the core values of eXp 1000% in alignment with ours?” Tim answered, “YES.”

Then Julie said, “If you are sincere about your proclamation that our highest and truest purpose is to be of service to others…if you truly believe at your core that our mission in our professional lives is to help those who choose to follow us then we MUST tell them about eXp Realty.”

And, Julie added, if I didn’t communicate to all of you my evaluation of eXp, I would be a complete hypocrite.

Per usual, Julie hit the nail on the head and into his heart and that is the purpose of Tim’s personal statement.

Tim and Julie both are more than happy to discuss eXp Realty with you personally. Just call them at 512-758-0206. And also text the word “exp” to 47372 and watch a 7-minute video about eXp Realty to learn more about this truly visionary company that we think will help you realize your goals. 4 Msgs/Month. Reply STOP to cancel, HELP for help. Msg&data rates may apply. Terms & privacy: slkt.io/JWQt

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