Growing up in Southern California (moved away for college and stayed away), I know there are tour guides that drive people past homes of celebrities in Beverly Hills. If there aren’t such tours for star-struck fans on the East End of the Hamptons, DIY. Worst case, you’ll see some magnificent homes. Best case, you’ll get a glimpse of Beyoncé or Paul McCartney or Jennifer Lopez.

  1. Eli Manning – bought oceanfront home in 2016
  2. Rachael Ray – just listed her Southampton home for $4.5M – it’s obviously got a great kitchen
  3. Calvin Klein – impeccable glass box

    Calvin Klein’s Glass Box House in Hamptons
  4. Tory Burch – gave herself this home as a gift upon divorcing her ex some years ago
  5. Jill Martin – bought this new construction in 10/16
  6. Brooke Shields – long time resident here but this home is relatively new for her
  7. Kelly Ripa – comes when she can get away from TV camera
  8. Ramona Singer – bought in 1994 and occasionally rents home during the summer months
  9. Howard Stern – self proclaimed “King of All Media” has oceanfront home he says is “fit for royalty”
  10. Ellen Pompeo – recently listed North Haven home for $3,475.000
  11. Louis CK – bought Historic Tudor home in Spring 2014
  12. Anthony Scaramucci – bought earlier this year for $7.5M
  13. Jennifer Lopez – moved in with twins in 2013
  14. Christie Brinkley – owns and just listed two homes, $29.5M and $20M respectively – says she’ll live in the one that doesn’t sell
  15. Paul Simon – has owned home in Montauk for decades
  16. Jimmy Buffet – Sag Harbor, not Margarita Ville
  17. Bethany Frankel – owns two homes in Bridgehampton
  18. Roger Waters – home on Bridgehampton side of Sag Pond
  19. Elie Tahari – just listed Sagaponack oceanfront home for $45M
  20. Beyoncé & Jay-Z – just purchased Pond House for $26M after renting for years
  21. Steven Spielberg – home on Georgia Pond
  22. Sean Combs – the intruder finally left
  23. Stella McCartney – major league designer and Paul’s daughter
  24. Russell Simmons – Def Jam co-founder becoming more full timer
  25. Neil Patrick Harris – recently bought in for $7.5M
  26. Martha Stewart- long time resident
  27. Jon Bon Jovi – bought EC Potter house in 2004
  28. Robert Downey, Jr. – as reported here, bought Wind Mill house last year for $29.5M
  29. Brian De Palma – long time resident
  30. Katie Couric – just remarried at her long time residence
  31. Jerry Seinfeld
  32. Alec Baldwin – Amagansett home
  33. Lorne Michaels – home very near Baldwin’s home
  34. Jemima Kinke – recently listed home on Gardiner’s Bay for $3M
  35. Gwyneth Paltrow
  36. Paul McCartney – home close but not too close to his daughter’s home
  37. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matt Broderick – own two homes, one beachfront and the other across the street
  38. Scarlet Johansson – bought in late 2013
  39. Robert De Niro – Montauk oceanfront home
  40. Ralph Lauren – just down street from De Niro
  41. Julienne Moore – home near Fort Pond