Attom Data Solutions just came out with its analysis of the best month and date to sell a home. Attom researched 14.7M homes between 2011-2017 to determine the month and date giving the highest premiums to sellers.

The month of May gave homeowners offers of 5.9% above estimated market values. June and August came in second and third giving sellers a premium of 5.8% and 4.2% respectively.

It makes sense that summer months are the months when buyer demand increases. The weather is warmer and “…prospective buyers with kids are more willing to shop,” said Daren Blomquist, senior economist with Attom.

In markets with year-round high temperatures, markets like Miami and Phoenix, the best months for sellers are January and November.

October and December prove to be the worst months for sellers. Those dark months generate only 1.6% above market value.

Remember that the number of sales goes down in February and January but overall sales during those months fluctuate between 1.2 and 1.4M.

May                    +5.9%

June                   +5.8%

August               +4.2%

July                     +3.8%

February           +3.4%

April                   +3.4%

September        +3.2%

March                +3.1%

November                  +2.6%

January              +2.3%

October             +1.6%

December                  +1.6%


The best days to sell a house turn out to be

June 28              +9.1%

February 15     +9.0%

May 31              +8.3%

May 29              +8.2%

June 21              +8.1%

Attom Data Solutions provides real estate data on taxes, dead and mortgage records, physical characteristics, neighborhood characteristics, environmental risks, health hazards and natural hazards.

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