Real estate agents have multiple comfort zones they need to confront on a daily basis, right? One comfort zone could relate to having to do a listing presentation…how can I ever sit across from a potential client, look her straight in the eye and convince her that I’m the right person to list her property; one could relate to having to do cold calls…how will I ever get up enough nerve to initiate a phone call to some person I don’t even know…another could be learning and mastering new technology to use in my fledgling real estate business when I’m tech illiterate and too old to learn how to do it?

The list goes on and on. Nothing about becoming successful and achieving your goals in real estate is easy so let’s develop one strategy to confront all of your comfort zones. Here are some tips to help you attack and push through those zones.

1. Pick a goal that scares you. That’s right…if you pick something that doesn’t scare you…something you know you can achieve then the thing you pick is not a goal. It is merely something to put on your to-do list. A goal is truly a goal only when there is a real possibility of failure or fear involved. A goal is a goal when it drives you to focus, to be disciplined and to be committed to it even when you’re tired or frustrated of when “life happens.” Pick a goal that scares you enables you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
2. You truly can do more that you think you can. Training both you body and your mind unlocks and enables your abilities to “stay the course.” Endurance is a significant element of achieving a goal and becoming successful.
3. Seek out people who will push and support you in becoming your very best. Seek out people who are so good at what they do that they intimidate you. They will completely appreciate your efforts and you will work harder to keep up with them.
4. Put yourself on the line…go for it…each and every time in each and every thing you do. We rarely regret what we do but rather, what we don’t do.

Comfort zones are only reminders to get uncomfortable. As soon as you get comfortable in whatever zone you’re working, make that zone harder, longer, faster.

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