Many, many real estate agents don’t have “an office” anymore even if that “office” is a designated room or cubicle or table within their broker’s increasingly vacant office space. Many, many agents have their car, a favorite table or booth in their favorite coffee shop or an occasionally available chair and table in a friend’s busy conference room as their office.

If you are one of these constantly driving, traveling, visiting properties with clients, if you are one of these mobile agents, you need to design a system for yourself that protects your safety, security and productivity time. Here are some tips to help while you’re constantly on-the-go.

  1. Ensure your connectivity.
    1. Safeguard you internet and phone coverage by choosing a reliable cell phone provider that has comprehensive coverage
    2. If your markets are in the Western and Midwestern states, consider purchasing a mobile hotspot so you have Wi-Fi anywhere you need data connectivity.
    3. Always have extra charging cords and batteries.
  2. Prioritize your physical AND cyber security.
    1. Never leave your files or devices in your car.
    2. Always lock your doors even while driving.
    3. Always enable your location tracking settings on your smartphones, tablets and laptops.
    4. For network security, check out and compare cloud-based SD-WAN vendors (just goggle it)
  3. Develop a mobile office for your car.
    1. Create a systematic set-up for you car that allows you to store and access your files, paper documents and anything else you need while on-the-go
    2. Check out for slip/skid surface grips for your laptop and files for storage
  4. Always remember to pull over and park no matter how late you may be for your next appointment
    1. It’s fine to talk hands-free on your cell while driving
    2. It’s not fine to text, find what you’re looking for, retrieve documents, etc. while your driving
  5. Scout out places you like and where you feel comfortable that can be your temporary office outside of you car.
    1. Find coffee shops and make friends with the servers so they’ll be happy to see you when you walk in and stay too long with clients or when working
    2. Find a co-working or public meeting space
    3. Find a library so you can work without being interrupted.

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