Getting 12,000 daily emails about this app and that app and what/how/when/why to use that social media app?

Here are some tips from John Lincoln, founder and CEO of Ignite Visibility, which may both relax you and focus your energy on how to find success with social media.

  1. You do NOT have to be on every platform.
    1. Only use platform(s) you’re comfortable using.
    2. Only use platform(s) that help you connect with your specific audience(s) and demographic(s).
    3. The above means you have to study the platform’s user demographic and how it compares community-wise, click-wise, traffic-wise with other platforms.
    4. Experiment with platforms for yourself, just don’t take someone else’s opinion as the grail.
  2. You DO have to pay to play.
    1. Plan on a budget of $200-$750/month to start.
    2. Facebook ad newbies will likely generate 500-2,000 visitors/month to your site.
    3. Start with basic content marketing and promotions and direct conversions (pay-per-click).
    4. Remarketing ads to re-engage users who’ve visited your site and/or mobile app before) and advanced targeting metrics tend to be effective for real estate professionals.
    5. Did you read I wrote BOTH your site and your mobile app? People use their mobile device(s) more and more and more and more…if you’re not communicating via mobile devices, you are losing out.
  3. Make and use VIDEOS
    1. Pretend you are a TV show…create and implement a regularly schedule program.
      1. Instagram and Twitter both have 1-minute limits and are both great for highlighting aspects of your listings and/or your presentations of a singular, brief discussion on one topic relevant to your client’s real estate needs.
      2. LinkedIn has a 10-minute limit for videos.
  • Facebook and YouTube allow you to create any length video you want to create.
  1. Make sure you get your most important point across within the first 10 seconds of the video.
  2. Place a static title bar at the bottom of your video screen as a way to focus your viewer’s attention
  3. End your video with an invitation to like, comment and/or subscribe to your website AND to schedule an appointment with you about that specific videoed property.
  4. Videos tend to cost from $5-$100.
  1. Do NOT rely on social media for your business.
    1. Aggregate and save ALL your content on your site/device.
    2. There is NO guarantee that ANY social media platforms will skyrocket your business – ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT.



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