We’re back at it again…prospecting and making calls. Yes, you always have to make calls and continuously prospect if you want to become a successful real estate agent, if you want to remain a successful real estate agent and if you want to increase your success as a real estate agent.

After doing all the homework possible on prospective leads who have searched for homes/condos/townhomes on your website (location, price range, size, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, architectural style, etc.), call that prospect.

Remember all we discussed last week about saying…

Hi _______(their name)________. I’m Sally Sue with ABC Real Estate. I’m calling because I see that you’ve been researching homes on my website and that a particular listing(s) grabbed your attention.

Wait for a response.

Great. I’d like to give you some additional information about that listing. Is now a good time or may I call you back at your convenience?

Let’s say the prospect is able to talk with you now.

Now is the time you begin to either “qualify” or “disqualify” the lead. The reason? You want to know whether or not that prospective lead is a good fit for you as much as that lead wants to know that you are a good fit for them.

Here are some ways that might help you determine whether or not that prospective lead is a good fit for you. Try saying/asking…

  1. I know we’re in the very early stages of house hunting right now­­­­­­­­­­____(Name)____________ but I’d appreciate having an idea of your time frame here. If the prospect doesn’t have a time frame or doesn’t want to tell you, fine. Let them know you appreciate their looking at your website and to please contact you at their convenience when their time is right. If they do have a time frame……….
  2. What about the listing on whatever the address grabbed your attention? They’ll tell you. Listen to what they say.
  3. Here’s what I know about that listing off the top of my head………………….and I’ll send you additional information I think might be helpful to you. Listen to what they say.
  4. Now, assuming they like what you tell them and what you send them…ask, what would be your next step….or… how would you like to move forward? Listen to them.
  5. Ask…what would hold you back from making a decision to move forward (a viewing, a prelisting presentation, etc.) on this listing within the next week or two? Listen to them.
  6. Ask…. in addition to yourself, who would be making the final decision to purchase/list the property for sale? Listen to them.
  7. Ask…. from what we’ve been discussing so far, what are your thoughts? Listen to them.

The purpose of qualifying and disqualifying leads is simple. The less time and effort you spend pitching a “bad” lead, the more time and effort you have to spend finding and working with real buyers and real sellers.

Know that top producers “lose” more sales by disqualifying prospective leads earlier in their sales process so they have more time “winning” real clients more often.

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