How To List 22 Homes In 2022 | Real Estate Coaching (4)

Today’s show is part 4 of How To List 22 Homes in 2022. Be sure to listen to part 1 from yesterday’s show. 

10 – Your professional Center of Influence.   When was the last time your favorite lender sent you leads?  When have you asked?  Who do they know who is getting pre-qualified right now to buy and has a home to sell?  Stagers are also great to know because smart sellers call a stager first.  Refer business to stagers and ask for leads in exchange.

11 – Investors.   Join your local investors club through or private Facebook groups in your town.  You’ll know who’s looking for what property and which investors are likely to sell.  This also will give you insider information about ‘pocket’ listings which can benefit your buyers.

12 – Door knocking.  This is not at the top of the list because it generally takes more contacts to take a listing, but it is still effective when you’re consistent.  Door knocking can help you become more comfortable speaking with people about real estate and many times you’ll be at the right place at the right time and indeed take listings from being there.  Before you go door knocking, choose your neighborhood wisely.  Does it turn over much? What’s the average sale price?  What’s currently active, pending and recently sold? What’s being built around the neighborhood?  Is there new construction nearby?  Become the go-to, neighborhood specialist and use good scripts at the door.  Start with your own neighborhood since you already know it well.

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Convinced you can list 22 homes in 2022?  If not, why not?  

For many of you, you’re probably feeling comfortable with at least two or three of the twelve sources.  Start with those and really drill down to increase your contacts and your level of skill.  If you need scripts and skills, you’ve come to the right place! Just ask for help.  Waiting is not profitable.

Once you’re getting results from those two or three resources, it’s time to add the next one.  You may even have ‘dabbled’ in all twelve, but not really taken each to the next level.  What would happen if you decided you will take 22 listings this year, no matter what and simply do what we’ve laid out for you in this podcast series?

For those of you who are already listing and selling 22 to 44 homes per year, which of the twelve sources do you still need to add to your skillset to take your business to the next level?

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