Today we’re continuing our discussion 7 key Pitfalls to Wealth Creation that threaten your path to career success in real estate! We’re going to start out with the big ones: Lack of understanding that your business exists to create PROFIT.

Profit is your product…not customer service, not matchmaking for buyers and sellers, it’s profit. Not knowing your numbers cold. If you don’t know your financial picture, you won’t be able to improve it!

What numbers to know? (Refer to both the Real Estate Treasure Map and Harris Rules for help on this). Not paying yourself first.  If you only save when there’s something left, then  you’re not paying yourself first.

We’re also going to be doing a drill-down on TEAMS – and why they almost always fail. Building a team is the end-goal for many agents, but SHOULD it be? What if building a team erodes your profitability? That’s what happens more often than not – which is why many of the top agents in the country do NOT have teams!

Remember: your 2nd half of 2018 requires the elimination of all LOSER WORDS, non-productive words, wussy words, woo-woo words and anything else holding you back. Yes, it starts in your head: it’s time to change the way you think, to change your career destiny!

Eliminate these words and phrases:

1 I am too busy. (Are you BUSY or are you PRODUCTIVE? Know the difference)
2 I am overwhelmed (overwhelmed just means you’re surrounded by opportunity!)
3 I don’t have time
4 no one answered.
5 everyone is calling
6 that won’t work (for me) (for my market)
7 I can’t do it … because … (no phone numbers / I don’t have a script / etc)
8 That’s impossible
9 thats not fair
10 I’m not a sales person (born sales person / natural sales person)
11 my personality style is wrong, I’m a ‘D / I / S / C’…
12 its not my fault
13 I am too old/ too young/ too fat/ thin / too tired / too bored
14 I am the wrong sex / race / ethnicity
15 It’s not about the money
16 I don’t have the proper degree / designation / broker /
17 I don’t want to be pushy / aggressive / a sales person
18 I can do that tomorrow / next week / next month / next year
19 I don’t have the energy / it’s not my passion
20 It’s a waste of time
21 My favorite… “I’ll try it”: Take a page from Yoda’s book of wisdom: Do, or do not. There is no try. People tend to use the word ‘try’ when they want to leave themselves an out, because they consciously or subconsciously don’t believe they can or will accomplish the task. It’s a built in excuse. DO or DO NOT.


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