Listen to and read about the states of the economy, job growth and the housing market and you might come away thinking that everything is coming up roses for everyone, everywhere.   After all, doesn’t inflation all by itself render homes more valuable over time? Quite simply, no.

Zillow just released a study of 13,014 cities tracked on its site and found that 180 of those cities register lower home prices today than were registered 20 years ago. Of those 180 cities with current lower home prices, 16 cities have seen their home values drop by $50,000 from 1/1998 to 1/2018. 9 of those cities have experienced a 25% or more drop in home value.

Looking at a roughly 10-year period from 2007-2017, Zillow studied changes in home value, changes in unemployment rates, changes in labor force participation and changes in wages across its tracked cities.

Here is a list of 16 cities that lost $50,000 or move in home value during 2007 – 2017.

City                              State                   2007                           2017

*Sunrise Beach          TX                      $481,400           $357,900

*East Gull Lake          MN                     $443,500           $327,200

*Merrifield                 MN                     $265,900           $182,900

Pass Christian            MS                      $226,500           $155,700

Alto                            NM                     $385,500           $315,400

*McCall                       ID                       $356,000           $287,000

*Nissan                       MN                     $304,400           $236,600

*Lake Tomahawk           WI                      $233,000           $166,800

*Literal                          MN                     $326,000           $266,600

Placitas                          NM                     $432,000            $374,800

*Webster                        WI                      $201,500            $146,100

Grants                            NM                     $147,500              $94,200

Buffalo                            WY                     $269,500              $216,600

*Webster                         WI                      $192,000              $139,000

*Gilbertsville                     KY                      $193,900             $142,200

*Bayfield                          WI                      $233,000              $182,900

  • lake areas

In Minnesota, 4 cities within the state’s central lake region lost a combined +$320,000 in home value since 1998.

In Wisconsin, all cities in the state’s northern lake region lost between 21.5 – 28.4% in home values.

In Illinois, home values have still not come back since the recession. In 2007, median home values were $170,600; in 2017, median home values were $141, 900. found Alaska to be one of the states with the least amount of debt BUT the unemployment rate is almost as high today as it was in 2009, 7.2%.

In Arizona, hit very hard by the housing crisis, home values have increased 47% since 2012 but are still not at pre-recession levels.

Connecticut experienced the second largest decrease in home values. Its median in 2007 was $262,100; its median today is $304,500.




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