Take a good look at the top producers in your real estate office. Chances are that you’ll find the one characteristic they share is that they are obsessed…obsessed to learn more, obsessed to accomplish more and obsessed to elevate their skill sets.

Obsessed top producers are not dabblers or hobbyists. Dabblers and hobbyists are average producers. Obsessed top producers follow through to the end with and for their clients; they don’t quit. Obsessed top producers give everything they’ve got towards their property marketing efforts; they don’t skimp on their efforts and they don’t leave one marketing tactic undone. Obsessed top producers know everything there is to know about their market; being uninformed in a constantly changing market is not an option for top producers.

How can you create and maintain your commitment to becoming and being a top real estate producer over the long haul? Become and remain obsessed.

  1. Be obsessed with education. Market conditions are ever changing and online innovations are ever constant. According to Float, an online purveyor of human-centered design, digital strategy and custom apps, human knowledge doubles every 12 months. You must be informed, analytical and relevant. Be obsessed about learning and you will be.
  2. Be obsessed with passion. Passion keeps you going during up and down times.
  3. Be obsessed with success. Know what your definition of success is. For some, success is your bottom line. For others, success is making sure you do a transaction the way you client wants it to be done. And for others, success means exceeding your client’s expectations.
  4. Be obsessed with ethics. There are no grey areas in your fiduciary responsibilities to your client and there are no grey areas in your responsibilities to your values. Double down on your values and double down on putting your client’s interests before your own.
  5. Be obsessed with perseverance. If, for example, prospecting is the name of the game in real estate, commit yourself to prospecting “when you don’t want to do it at your highest level” every day on a year round basis.
  6. Be obsessive about being compassionate. Remember that buying and/or selling a house is a life-changing event for a client. Always be mindful of your client, your client’s family, your client’s needs.

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