Working with people is a blessing, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. That’s especially true in real estate, when the “largest purchase in most people’s lives” (yes, their house) can lead to difficult personal interactions with buyers, sellers & other agents.

It’s not always easy getting the sale – as an agent, you more than anyone how personal interactions can influence the deal. It can make or break a transaction, and even if it the deal closes, it can still make your transaction a nightmare if others are acting hostile.

Today we’re going to drill down with 10 tips on how to build your emotional muscles so that when clients, friends and even family start throwing verbal punches, you won’t be taken down!

Gain new mindsets and questions to ask yourself to deflect the emotional burden and turn even the most negative encounter into a learning experience.  Strengthen your resolve so you can continue to be of service, rather than on the sidelines.

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