Thanks to Mike Akerly, vice president and regional manager with Polarispacifc and Kathryn Baker, content writer, for seeding this post.

Remembering that good taste is always trending, here are some of the latest interior design ideas and inclinations to keep in minds eyes of agents, developers, buyers and sellers.

Kitchens continue to be ground zero for our actions and interactions at home. We cook, eat, talk, listen, watch, work and simply hang out in our kitchens more than in other rooms of our homes. Make your kitchens fully functional, welcoming and great looking with

Cabinets that can conceal appliances behind a tall

bank of integrated natural wood rather than ultra-

refined wood grains and cabinet drawers rather

than cabinet doors for easy, stylish storage.

Islands are givens. Make them sleek and simple by using

materials such as natural stone, porcelain, matte

acrylic, sintered stone, stainless steel and, for luxury,

Calacatte marble.

Speed cooking, combined convection and microwave cooking and customized, modularized and mobile cooktops make it possible for any one or how ever many people there are in the kitchen to enjoy what they’re cooking and eat and enjoy each other.

 Bathroom tubs and showers are now separate entities. Forget about two-in-one units. And, everything does NOT have to be all white.

Flexibility is the name of the game in terms of room usage, emotional feel, textures and furniture. Adapt formal dining rooms into libraries lined with books and small reading tables that can be moved together for a dining table. Mix up materials and textures to warm up rooms…mix traditional elements with contemporary styles. Clients, designers, architects and developers are currently appreciating classic architectural elements, more softness and traditionalism. Remember that beautifully scaled, quality furniture is always trending.

Oil rubbed bronzes and brass have overtaken stainless steel.

Indoor-outdoor living is a given but with a twist. From open floor plans to “own space” places give people a feeling of belonging inside a space rather than being overwhelmed by it regardless if indoors or out.

Scavullo Design’s principal and chief creative director, Marysia Rybook, considers whimsy, wellness and timelessness to be the biggest future trends in design.

Whimsy can refer to being comfortable, relaxed and playful in the home’s interior and exterior spaces.

Wellness can refer to an entire home environment that supports well bodies and minds. Fresh air, LEED certifications, lighting based upon circadian rhythms, etc.

Timelessness can refer to quality and thoughtfulness to every small detail.

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