ATTOM Data Solutions just released its 2018 Neighborhood Housing Index.

Included in this piece is an interactive map that rates some 10,895 neighborhoods which render more than adequate gross annual rental yields. A gross annual rental yield is the annualized income from rent divided by the median price of homes sold in that neighborhood in the first half of 2018.

Check out ALL the ratings including C, D, and F…there are more than enough neighborhoods that may potentially increase your overall bottom line.

5 Best Neighborhoods for Rental Returns

Among the 2,188 neighborhoods with an A rating, there are 494 with potential annual gross rental yields of at least 10%:

  • Westover neighborhood in Fayetteville NC – 41.7%
  • Terminal Park neighborhood in Sarasota FL – 41.5%
  • Southwest York neighborhood in York, PA – 35.8%
  • Griffin Park neighborhood in Tampa FL – 35.8%
  • Portland neighborhood in Louisville KY – 33.6%

5 Best Neighborhoods for Neighborhood Quality

Among the 494 neighborhoods with an A rating, here are the top 5 with potential annual gross rental yields of at least 10% and top neighborhood quality:

  • Hunters Hill neighborhood in Englewood CO – 11.6%
  • Providence neighborhood in Elgin IL – 11.3%
  • Winds West neighborhood in Oklahoma City OK – 15.6%
  • Devonshire neighborhood in Mobile AL – 18.8%
  • Park Central neighborhood in Orlando FL – 19.1%


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