Boomers are downsizing in droves. Help them do so by selling their long enjoyed homes.

Here are six upgrades that will add value and luxury to your clients’ single-family homes and will make your job of selling those homes easier.

  1. Home automation is the fastest way to bring long loved homes into the 21st C and Millennials LOVE homes outfitted in “smart.”
    1. Smart lighting, smart thermostats, smart doorbells.
    2. Smart sound systems, smart garage door openers, smart locks, smart security cameras.
    3. There are tons of options here – just ask Alexa, Siri and whomever else to do it all from your phone.
  2. Recessed lighting
    1. Popular in kitchens, living rooms, home theaters
    2. Gives any room a clean, elegant look with an “even” light source throughout the room.
  3. Up your audio game.
    1. Built-in speakers can go into walls, closets, ceilings, wherever.
    2. The benefit? Truly great sound and NO clutter.
    3. Check out Dolby Atmos system for a home theater, patio, deck, etc.
  4. Go from an outdoor grill to an outdoor kitchen.
    1. Outdoor kitchens are both convenient and WOW.
    2. Kitchens can go from generic with built-in sinks, grills, etc. to customized with cabinetry, drawers, wine cellars.
  5. Try a mirrored television for the bathroom.
    1. Mirrored TV’s blend seamlessly into mirrored glass in your vanity.
    2. Check out the brand Seura.
  6. Light your landscaping.
    1. Landscape lighting does wonders for maximizing curb appeal.
    2. Place upward facing lights on shrubs and trees.
    3. Install path lighting to enhance the home’s safety and security features
    4. Go for LED lighting to maximize effectiveness, length of use and durability.

One note of caution concerning “smart.” “All of these connected devices are like windows into your house. All of them are openings that need to be secured, an opening into your network, an opening into your data,” said Nadir Izrael, co-founder of Arms Security.

Just like your computer, you need to make your smart systems secure. Izrael suggests…

  • changing your passwords regularly including the default password for each device
  • keep software updated
  • use two-factor authentication.

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