Is your listing overpriced? How do you know – and how do you find out ahead of time before you start out a new listing on the wrong foot? The Listing Evaluation is a tool for determining salability that you can use either when initially listing or after 2 weeks or 10 showings to evaluate the situation. In today’s show we’re going to discuss the how, why, and where you can use this!

Taking the listing in the first place isn’t the only time you can use this evaluation.  There are actually three other ways you can use this tool to help you throughout the listing to keep the discussions and marketing moving forward.

  1. Deciding if you want the listing at all.
  2. Send it to your seller 30 days into the listing if it hasn’t sold yet.
  3. As a price reduction ramp-up!
  4. As a price reduction, at-the-table discussion tool.

This evaluation tool is both part of our system and we want you to internalize it as a ‘script’ of sorts.  As part of our system, the evaluation is a document that you can make several copies of and keep on hand.

When walking through the home on a listing presentation, these items should be going through your head if you don’t have the sheet in front of you. You can also ask the seller to do their own rating prior to you going out to the home and ask them to send it back to you.

If the seller is honest, then you’re prepared!  If they are less than reasonably objective, then you have a solid idea right away on how the seller perceives their home and what the challenges in taking their listing might be.

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