Now that we’ve seen what’s going on in real estate tech for agents in Part I of this two-part series, let’s see what’s going on in real estate tech for buyers and sellers.

For Buyers and Sellers

  1. AskDoss – This is a Siri-like real estate virtual assistant that enables buyers to get information (property valuations, tax info, sales histories, etc.) on virtually any property in the country including not-listed and non-MLS properties. Like Siri, AskDoss is voice/text command activated on smart phones and smart speakers. Founder Bobby Bryant has been working with IBM’s Watson.
  2. Edgewise – This tool connects homebuilders with buyers. It allows shopping buyers to select and then check out new home construction projects that are “open” or not completed so the shopper can make offers on specific models, customize her/his future home and track the home’s progress digitally. No having to be onsite with the builder. There is a downside here – Edgewise completely cuts out the real estate agent. Communication is directly between the builder and the buyer. The good news for buyers and builders is the savings on commissions. The savings is distributed between the buyer (so the home is more affordable) and the builder (so the deal is more profitable.)
  3. Morty – This is a streamlined mortgage rate shopping service. The buyer uploads her/his financial profile, learns about loan options and gets rate offers from vetted lenders on one dashboard. Once the buyer chooses his//her-preferred lender, all the underwriting and closing can be done online.
  4. Homelight – This is a tool to help users find the right agent. Both buyers and sellers answer questions about their goals and preferences and Homelight analyzes thousands of real estate transactions and databases to find the right fit. Homelight gives the users a short list of potential agent matches. Users can then schedule interviews and/or use Homelight’s real estate agents for recommendations.
  5. TaskEasy – This is essentially an Uber for lawn care. The tool offers on-demand lawn services with one click. Users can schedule weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, on-demand services for when showings are scheduled. Like Uber, no hassles and no haggling.

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