Retail and online shopping hubs have been filled with Halloween and Thanksgiving motifs and products for weeks now. If you haven’t yet dialed into the holiday season, it’s definitely time to get on board.

As far as your real estate business is concerned, holiday time can be a real bonanza. The holidays provide you all the reasons in the world to tilt your business towards holiday celebrations and holiday content that can benefit both your community and you. You’ll get your business name out there and you’ll meet who-know-who.


  • Organize a Halloween Trick or Treat Treasure Hunt to benefit a local elementary school.
  • Volunteer to cook/serve Thanksgiving meals for homeless families.
  • Co-sponsor aToys for Tots benefit.
  • Sponsor a children or family Christmas Caroling Night in your community
  • Enjoy and maximize the holiday spirit
    • Write blog posts for your website around holiday happenings in the community, recipes, make-it-yourself decorations.
    • Write note individual holiday notes to your clients wishing them good cheer.
    • Go to every social event and holiday party to enjoy them and who knows who you’ll meet.

Grab a calendar and mark down the days you’ll be working. Subtract the weekends. Subtract the days from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day. Subtract the days you plan now to take off.

You’ll find that there aren’t many days to work during this Holiday Season AND this Q4 2018.

Resolve to WORK on your workdays and PLAY on your play days off. Enjoy being solo in the office, if you work in one, and enjoy that there is less competition during the holidays.

Remember that the holidays are the major relocation times of the year. Relocation buyers are the MOST MOTIVATED buyers.

Decide NOW what you need to do on your workdays to meet or exceed your goals for Q4 2018. Focus on tasks that drive your business:

  • Reach out to a minimum 5 past clients daily.
  • Focus on Expired listings and Unrepresented Sellers
  • WORK on
    • Lead generation
    • Lead follow-up
    • Appointment settings
    • Presentations
    • Negotiating pricing, concessions, reductions, and extensions
    • Open houses
    • Your “coming soon-s”
    • Closings

If what you’re doing is not on this list, STOP DOING IT. 


Refresh your Q4 TO DO list by listening again to Tim and Julie’s Podcast on Q4 Massive Action Plan…







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