Want To Be Rich? Follow These 6 Rules | Real Estate Coaching (Part 2)

Part 2 of 3: Everyone has the potential to be rich. As a real estate agent you have opportunities for wealth building all around you, yet many agents never have true financial security let alone become rich. Never before in history have this many people become rich. Why not you? Follow these 6 Rules and discover what is holding you back. 

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Rule 3

Everything is better when you are rich. NOTHING is worse. – When you have normal life problems does having money make those problems better or worse? Even the worst-case scenarios of life are better when you are rich. 

If you can write a check to make a problem go away, you don’t have a problem. All the worst problems in life: health / financial, etc, are not nearly as bad when you have money. That’s a fact.

Money improves every aspect of life. 99% of your issues go away with money. (or at least aren’t as bad)

With money, you can also make other people’s problems go away. You can solve their issues when you choose to.

How do most people seem to think….

People romanticize the idea of living simple lives, on the prairie or out in a jungle tribe. But the historical facts are that the tribal nation of humans were actually quite horrible. The Indian tribes in the SW actually committed some of the most brutal atrocities ever accounted for. Rape and murder were normal on the prairie. They weren’t the spiritual meccas of well-being!

Notice how every time a ‘lost tribe’ is found…and they learn that life is better out of the jungle…they leave the jungle?


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Rule 4

What your heart, soul, mind, body, and spirit search beyond all else is FREEDOM.

What you want more than anything is, Libertas. (that’s Latin for Freedom) To do what you want to do when you want to do it at the highest level.

Have you ever considered how much of your conscious & unconscious moments are spent worrying about lack of money? 

If you never had to worry about money for any of your immediate needs or those of your family, those you care about…if you’d created abundance for everyone who matters most to you, you’d then have the freedom to do that also for others….what could you create with your time on this planet if you were truly financially free?

The highest and truest purpose of all of us on this planet is to be of service to others. There’s no greater feeling of satisfaction than the feeling of knowing you’ve helped someone.

Most people say their happiest years were raising their family. This is why when they’re older, it’s not uncommon to feel depressed out of lack of being needed.

When you’re rich, you can create a circumstance for yourself where you are ALWAYS being of service to other people. Charities, contributing your time (and money) where ever to whomever you choose. 

Think about this. Ask yourself what you’d do with your life’s energy if you no longer had to worry about money? If you no longer had that worry, you’d make better decisions. No longer living in fear of pissing someone off who might be able to fire you or cause you some sense of financial insecurity.

Ask yourself if you were rich, truly independent, and free, would you vote the same way, think the same thoughts, live in the same town? Sure, some things would stay the same but being rich gives you the freedom to decide what you truly want vs being dependent and beholden. People with purpose, who are financially free are focused on improving their lives as well as the people around them. It’s not more money, more problems, it’s more money = more time and you can truly make a difference.

When you are rich and free, you’re not easily manipulated. When you’re not, your decisions are largely made by someone or something creating a sense of financial security for you. Once you’re rich and free, you’ll see how you’re voluntarily choosing to be beholden to a system that was intentionally designed to oppress you and manipulate you into believing that the system has to exist.

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