Stephanie DiLorenzo recently wrote Tim and Julie to say, “…I want you to know that I’m certain you’ve completely changed the trajectory of my real estate career.” (That’s a pretty big statement, don’t you think?)

Stephanie was ready to “throw in the real estate towel” and go back to selling insurance until she discovered Tim and Julie’s podcast just last week.

DiLorenzo calls the podcasts “…a breath of fresh air…” and now calls her real estate work her real estate “practice.” Why “practice?” Because she knows she is “…only going to get better with it.”

After being licensed +4 years, DiLorenzo said that she needed a “…slap in the face with a reality check and words of proven results.” Now, with just a week of Tim and Julie’s podcasts in her brain, DiLorenzo is not waiting for her phone to ring because she ran a fancy Facebook ad and not waiting for her friends to refer prospective clients to her, Instead, DiLorenzo is implementing the steps and action plans, doing what she never wanted to do and doing it all at a higher level than ever before. In other words, DiLorenzo is practicing.

Stephanie had spent admittedly thousands of dollars looking for “the secret sauce to success”…daily motivational podcasts, seminars, classes, expensive coaches, “ridiculous” CRM platforms, broker musical chairs, etc.

By listening to Tim and Julie, Stephanie discovered that “…there is no secret…I was acting and leading my business with fear…and my communications with people and lack of proper scripts were leading me to my (almost) demise.”

DiLorenzo closed her note to Tim and Julie by saying that by listening to their podcast, she has become “…REALLY honest…” with herself “….and is now ready for the responsibility that I owe my clients…No more ‘real estate neglect.’ These people need me. I’m honest, smart and hard working. They (her clients) need me as much as I need them. We’re in this together.”

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