A new podcast listener from New Jersey thanks Tim and Julie Harris for their “real, actionable, and invaluable” coaching advice and items every day.

Matt Gray with Nest Seekers International in New Jersey has been listening to Tim and Julie daily for one month now. He writes them that, “already, my cold calling…the main pillar of what I don’t want to do… has increased ten fold.” And, because of his increased cold calling, his 2019 business year has already begun.

Prior to finding Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching, Gray had been listening to other coaching services during this, his first, year as a real estate agent. He wrote that other real estate podcasts compared to his cup of coffee in the morning…good for an initial “get up and go” to work but once at work, Gray would ask himself, “Now what?”

No more “now what?” No more “fluff.” Just listening to Tim and Julie for one month has given him a foundation of professionalism based up “real, actionable and invaluable” experience, tactical strategies and straight-talking information that is not available with any other real estate coaching service.

Welcome, Matt Gray. Tim and Julie Harris wish you all the best in your new career and look forward to hearing from you regularly as your business takes off in 2019.

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