Are your clients thinking of renovating rather than selling and buying again?

Here are some 2019 design trends they may want to consider:

  1. Stark white is back. Rich jeweled tones such as coined night watch green are great for accents here and there but go white on the walls.
  2. Convertible dwellings – moveable walls, multi-purpose built-ins, multi-functional furniture – enable all that we do in our multi-dimensional lives, responsibilities and careers.
  3. Terrazzo surfaces (chips of marble, quartz, granite and glass) are making a huge comeback. A little goes a long way here, as these surfaces are statements in and of themselves.
  4. Designers are loving “statement” ceilings. Intentionally painted ceilings, molding covered ceilings, wall papered ceilings. Children may love a ceiling filled with constellations and planets.
  5. Sustainable, handmade pieces of clay, rice paper, and/or jute enhance eco-friendly, organic materials such as wood, glass and/or stone.
  6. Light wood floors (birch, light oak, etc.) attract light and open up/enlarge rooms.
  7. Curved furniture and/or oval/asymmetrical tables encourage comfort-ability and playfulness
  8. Modern LED lighting from hoop chandeliers to linear wood LED table long lamps with built-in USB ports give us sustainability and multi-functionality all in one.
  9. An occasional velvet chair or pillow cover mixes well with textured cotton and linen provides great tactile sensation to the room.
  10. Carpets, carpets everywhere…but not wall-to-wall, plush carpets. Carpets for entryways (because they set the tone for the home), low-pile carpets (because they’re easier to clean) jute carpets (because they’re both cost effective and great for people with allergies), carpets for every room in the house and for every dimension and for every splash of color or abstraction or for every calming, neutral color you choose.
  11. 2019 NOs – accent walls, lacquered furniture, rose gold, and no cherry cabinets.

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