How to manage the day to day drama and emotions in your Real Estate Practice, so they don’t control your income, your attitude or your outcome!

Today’s show is an in-depth overview of Cynthia Fisher’s 1997 Bond University study “Emotions at Work: What Do People Feel, and How Should We Measure It?“, and we’re discussing what this study means in terms of stress & emotional well-bring in your own personal workplace as a real estate professional.

From the study:

“Affect at work is of increasing interest to organizational researchers. Prior research on felt affect at work has focused almost exclusively on mood rather than emotion. As yet we have little knowledge about which emotions are felt or how frequently they are felt in the workplace, or of what their causes or consequences might be. There has not even been an instrument available for measuring emotion at work.

This paper reports on a preliminary study designed as a lead-in to further research on emotion at work. One hundred and sixteen people reported on the frequency with which they had experienced 135 different emotions while at work. Differences in the emotional experiences of female and male employees, part time and full time workers, and employees in five different job categories are explored.

The data on emotion frequency, together with literature on typologies of emotions, are then used to construct a short self report instrument for assessing real-time emotional experiences at work. This instrument is presently being used in experience sampling research on emotion by the author.”

Maybe this is too technical – so we’re going to break it down into simple, easy-to-understand terms that make sense in your day to day life!

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