Improve your marketing efforts by identifying what worked for your business in 2018 and, as importantly, what didn’t. Use your analysis to build your marketing plan for 2019.

Here are some marketing ideas and tips to consider. For more, go to

  1. It’s all about quality content.
    1. The more content your write, the more quality content you will write.
    2. Get more from the existing quality content that works. Expand upon it. Re-release it.
    3. Make sure you communicate your expertise in your content.
    4. Provide value.
    5. Take the time to promote your quality content to the right audience.
    6. Share information, tips, ask questions, etc.
    7. Follow up immediately with users who comment on your content.
    8. Think of your mobile users. They like content that is upfront and fast, relevant and usable.
    9. Do expert round-ups on your website.
    10. Automate boring work so you can free up time to write quality content. Set up essential checks in Google Analytics to track revenue, conversions and traffic fluctuations without having to waste time.
  2. Act more like a friend on social media rather than a business. Why? People “look” for friends, not strangers.
  3. Know the difference between viable, real prospects and followers or “likes.”
  4. Think of your marketing as a loop, not a funnel.
    1. That’s according to Kevan Lee, Director of Marketing with Buffer.
    2. Identify the ways in which you attract and engage your customers.
    3. Make sure that everything in your marketing plan serves your customers’ needs.
  5. Focus on retention, monetization and acquisition, not just acquisition.
    1. Businesses that focus on all three grow three times faster than those that focus only on acquisition.
  6. Forget about Facebook News Feed. Use Facebook Messenger instead.
    1. According to Larry Kim, CEO of Mobile Monkey, Facebook Messenger works effectively.
    2. Facebook News Feed, according to Kim, it provides poor engagement, has too much competition and continues to cost more and more.
  7. Keep an eye on AI – be aware of how predictive analytics can understand and see our behavior. Think Netflix and Amazon – they know what you like before you do.
  8. Keep your skills up to date and invest in your knowledge.
    1. Take Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager classes – they’re free.
  9. Start using a See, Think, Do, Care framework around your customers – thanks to Patrick Cuttiff, Trainer for Google Digital Initiatives for this one…I personally like it a lot!
    1. The See column is for any potential client
    2. The Think Colum is for the same as above plus those thinking about using your brand.
    3. The Do column is for people ready to buy your product.
    4. The Care column is for clients who have bought/sold from you before.
    5. Think about which signals your users provide/click while on their digital journey with you – keywords, page views, visual content clicks, etc.
  10. Spend 90% of your time doing what you do well and 10% of your time experimenting.

And remember, do what you do well, consistently and regularly.

*****Start using a See, Think, Do, Care framework around your customers

*****Do your marketing to achieve an objective, not just for the sake of marketing.


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