Everyone wants their brand, website and name to come up first in a Google search, right? How can you make that happen? Write GREAT content.

As far as Google is concerned, great content writers are HEROES and poor content writers are TOADS. Here’s how to tell the difference:


H = High Value

Think EAT when you think High Value…

  • E = Expertise – make sure your content, credentials and website as a whole represent your expertise with clarity ad consistency
  • A = Autjhority – make sure your content is well written and on topic
  • T = Trust – make sure to include an “About Us” page and customer service information within your content and website

E = Engaging

Engaging content gets readers’ attention and interest…people read engaging content, share it and offer comments about it.

One way to boost your reader’s engagement is to ask quest-ions.

– invite readers to share their ideas/tips in a comment

– help readers share posts/comments by having social media buttons and/or “tweet-able” quotes

R = Relevant

Relevant content is about providing content that adds value to the reader, content that is useful, content that helps the reader find answers and information they want and need. Relevant content is NOT keyword relevant.

  • provide step-by-step guides
  • provide clear, easy to understand information and/or insights

O = Original

Add value with your expertise, your insights, your voice. No one wants to read content they’ve read before or content that has been plagiarized.

E = Ethical

Create content for readers/users, not search engines.

  • Remove spam content/comments.
  • Remove hacked content.

S = Speedy

Google is obsessed with speed. Users expect pages to load in less than 2 seconds…if they don’t, users will stop using your content and will find the content they want somewhere else.

  • avoid too many videos on one page
  • use web-optimized images
  • minimize the use of scripts.



Always think about your audience – give them content that is both useful and adds value to them and their business


Absolutely NO spammed content.


No falsely inflated numbers of likes, comments and/or views.

No payment to companies that promise more of anything on/from your blog.


No twinning your content from one web page to another.


Make sure your content providers know how to optimize images so your site speed is efficient. Remember…more than 2 seconds to load a page and your viewer/user/potential client has left you for another site/service provider/real estate agent.




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