What was your Best DAY ever in real estate? How did that happen? How can you recreate that result? Study your own success.

Were you following a schedule? Working out? Following a specific nutrition plan? Keeping a journal? Using calendar reminders? Being held accountable by outside forces?


1 . MINDSET: Have you DECIDED that this will be your best year ever and that this will largely be due to your daily disciplines? Doing what you don’t want to do when you don’t want to do it at a high level…. on purpose?

2. White Boards updated DAILY: Cleaned off, posted with REAL NUMBERS: Magic Number of listings, total number of units required to achieve goals, number of pendings, get serious on this.

3. Prepare for success: Have your Pre Listing Package DONE, assembled, deliverable by hard copy, digital, video. It’s hard to hit your listing goals if you don’t know how to ‘actually list’ 100% of your listing appointments!!

4. SCHEDULE: Take control from the moment your alarm goes off. Don’t hit the slacker button (snooze).

5. Have a consistent start time and end time daily.

6. YOU take control: If you’re not controlling your time, someone or someone else IS. Consider how we teach you to close: ‘I have Tuesday at 4pm or Saturday at 10am available…which is best for YOU?’… why is that? #1, so you’re not ‘asking’ for the appointment, you’re ‘telling them’ their choices, and #2, because ideally you have specific appointment times available, versus ‘when should we meet?’.

7. Know how many days you’re working every month. Put Dollar $igns on each work day and ‘x’s on non work days to keep your focus.

8. Every day must have the following: Lead Generation, Lead Follow Up, Transaction Management, Appointment times, review of hot sheets and meditation. Schedule with consistency and follow the schedule!

9. Use the Daily Success Game if you’re a Premier Client.

10. Block Your Time: Mornings are for setting new appointments; afternoons are for going on what you’ve set up and maintaining your existing deals.

Remember: 80% of your time is to be spent working IN your business, only 20% working ON your business. Most agents have that flip flopped.

Working IN is only: Lead Generation, Lead Follow Up, PreQualifying, Presenting, Negotiating and Closing. Working ON your business is everything else that’s more fun, more creative, more distracting, but not necessarily profit- producing!

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