Here’s a great “gift” to give your new buyers…a list of tasks for new home buyers, courtesy of Home Warranty of America. Adapt, add to, delete, and make this list “yours” any way you’d like. The important thing is letting your new buyers know you care about their success as homeowners.

  1. Make copies of all your real estate documents and put them in a safe place for easy access when needed.
    1. Make sure to include your property deed, the home inspection report, and any and all disclosures.
    2. Include other go-to lists you might generate along the way regarding plumbers, electricians, handymen, landscape people, etc.
  2. Change your address and set up your utilities
    1. Make it easy by going to the US Postal Service online.
    2. If your utilities are not regulated in your new city, county and/or state, select the energy companies of your choice.
  3. Know the location of your home’s circuit breakers and shut-off valves.
  4. Re-key your locks and update your keypads.
    1. If you have a home warranty company, it will pay for new locks for up to 6 doors.
  5. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
    1. Replace the batteries.
    2. Check the expiration date on each of the home’s detectors.
  6. Check the water heater even if it’s a new one.
    1. Check for leaks regardless of having a home inspection report.
    2. Check the pressure relief valve.
    3. When you move in, flush the tank.
  7. Check all the HVAC filters and systems.
    1. Make sure to schedule regular maintenance visits.
    2. Make sure to buy replacement filters.
  8. Do a “deep cleaning” even if the home has been professionally cleaned.
    1. Clean every nook and cranny…under the refrigerator, the washing machine, etc.
  9. Consider having an energy audit.
    1. Seal all cracks.
    2. Replace weather stripping.
    3. Add insulation.
  10. Use your home inspection report to plan replacements and upgrades for the future.
  11. Create a seasonal home maintenance checklist.
    1. Swimming pools need winterizing.
    2. Sprinkler systems need to be opened in the spring.
    3. Gardens, landscaping and trees need seasonal attention.
  12. Meet your neighbors.
    1. You are moving into a new home AND into a new neighborhood community.
    2. Be welcoming and friendly.
  13. Make sure to familiarize yourself with your home warranty program if you have one.
    1. Review what is covered and what is not.
    2. Know how to file a claim and how to follow-up with that claim.


Thanks to the Keller Williams blog for the head’s up on this task list.





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