If you’ve not already done so, it’s more than time to design your content marketing strategy for 2019.

Here are some questions for you to think about while you’re creating you content marketing strategy. If you don’t know the answers to some of these questions, ask your colleagues, your friends and your clients. Do some research. Ask your network of experts upon whom you rely. Listen to relevant podcasts.

  1. Who are your top audiences? Defining your audiences by demographics, home buying/selling experience, budgets, investment goals, whatever…limit your audiences to no more than three. You want to address the specific needs within each of your two or three audiences with personalized, relevant information and topics.
  2. How would you like your audience(s) to see you? Be very specific about your expertise for your priority audience(s). Communicate how and what makes you different from your competitors. Communicate how and what makes you better than your competitors.
  3. What specific topics do you think would be most valuable to cover in your content plan? List ALL topics that pop into your mind without editing any of them. Brainstorm topics with your colleagues without editing any of them. Sort all of the topics into key categories such as market information, comparable sales, home price appreciation, must-have smart tech resources, remodeling trends, etc. Once you have topics categorized, sort them into a week-to-week or month-to-month schedule.
  4. What formats would be most utilized and effective for your specific audience(s) Blogs? Videos? Emails? Podcasts? Select no more than two formats and do those two well. Once you’re pleased with your “product”, repurpose the content for other formats.
  5. Which social media channels would be most utilized and effective for your specific audience(s)? Again, choose no more than two as to not be overwhelmed by frequency and consistency of postings.
  6. Who is to be responsible for creating, developing, editing, publishing and distributing your content marketing? You alone? One person? Two? Make sure that whoever is doing what knows that he/she is responsible for doing it on a regularly scheduled, consistent basis.
  7. How will you monitor the engagement of your content marketing and measure its impact? Which metrics will you use? What applications can deliver the data and analysis you need?

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