The US Department of Labor has declared real estate a “high risk” career. This description has unfortunately been played out again and again with crimes against agents so DO NOT WAIT for September’s REALTOR Safety Month to utilize safety tips and apps that could help protect you in your daily real estate comings and goings.

Forewarn is a prospect screening app similar to an instant background check. All the app needs is the prospect’s name and phone number.   Before you even meet the prospect at your office for an appointment or at a showing, Forewarn will provide you will information that will either encourage or discourage you from this meeting.

Trust Stamp for REALTORS® also verifies the identity of potential clients. You invite the prospect to create their profile for you by using one selfie, one photo from a government issued agency such as a driver’s license and one social media account link for you to then review their data. It also has an SOS or voice activated button to sound an alarm with your location and auto recorded audio and video.

Bmonitored checks in automatically with you to help ensure your safety. You “tell” it where you will be and for how long. If you don’t respond to its check-in, it sends texts/emails to your self-selected Monitors or Guardians to alert them of a potential problem. Its ProVersion also includes a GPS locator, recording audio and video files of your whereabouts and conversations and has an emergency button.

Homesnap Pro has a built-in safety measure and timer that users mobilize. If the app shuts off or is adjusted before your self-selected time expires, the app sends a text to your emergency contact list.

Katana Safety is a small device attachment to your smartphone that audibly alerts bystanders and its 24/7-safety center if/when you experience a problem.

Other apps and wearables for you to check out are Guardian Mobile, Lifeline Response, OnGuard Help, Real Alert, Stay Safe, Guard Llama, V.Alert, Kitestring, SafeTrek and many more.

Also remember such common sense tips such as

  • share your location and meeting intent with a colleague
  • bring along a companion/colleague when possible
  • have proper emergency roadside equipment
  • take your belongings with you at all times
  • there are no “good parts” of town
  • daytime and nighttime showings are equally precarious.

Additionally, check out Agents Away data security that utilizes Amazon Web Services cloud-based data security to keep your files yours and the country’s only real estate safety designation, the Consumer Safety and Security Specialist (CSSS) Program.

As one very popular television police sergeant once said to his unit members, “Be safe out there.”


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