Sea levels are forecast to rise in 2019. As a result, projections for flood loses are expected to rise as well. Here is a list of cities that are projected to be at high risk of coastal flooding in 2019 from the US Climate Center.

The Share of Housing Built in Flood Risk Zones by City

Alameda CA                                 38.1%

Boston MA                                   22.0%

Cambridge MA                             33.4%

Charleston SC                              38.6%

Clearwater FL                              20.5%

Davie FL                                      64.0%

Fort Lauderdale FL                       61.2%

Galveston TX                               78.4%

Hampton VA                                31.4%

Hialeah FL                                    64.5%

Hilton Head Islands SC                  64.7%

Miami FL                                      81.5%

Norfolk VA                                   26.6%

Ocean City MD                             26.6%

Pembroke Pines FL                       55.1%

Plantation FL                               34.5%

Pompano Beach FL                      34.0%

Portsmouth VA                            23.5%

Redwood City CA                        30.5%

San Mateo CA                             41.6%

St. Petersburg FL                        30.4%

Stockton CA                               22.0%

Now that you have this information, are you required to tell your prospective buyers about potential flood risks in your local areas?  No.  But…

It may be that in the near future, some who have recently fled high-tax states for low-tax states may be fleeing high flood risk zones in their newly moved in homes and neighborhoods. Let’s hope not.