Dreaming of becoming an internationally recognized specialist in luxury residential advisory services? You might want to take a look at what Knight Frank, a London-based global property and wealth advisory service, is doing and how this firm communicates its expertise.

Knight Frank connects “people and property, perfectly” via its Global Prime Office. Foundational to its vision, Knight Frank is dedicated to enabling its clients to “…benefit from long-term, trusted advisor relationships…” Clearly, creating, developing, enhancing and sustaining relationships to benefit the client are front and center for Knight Frank. (Ever hear about relationship building before?)

Within its team of specialists, Knight Frank offers its clients “the collective and complementary knowledge, experience and connectivity” of more than 15,000 property experts within a network in excess of 400 offices throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

Knight Frank specialists travel the world constantly in order to understand and maximize individual market dynamics within a broad, global context on behalf of its clients. Providing invaluable insight tailored to the needs of its ultra-high-net-worth clients and their families along with superior market access are unique Knight Frank services.

In addition to providing advice to clients on residential, investment and commercial properties plus construction finance worldwide, Knight Frank offers advice on financing asset classes such as fine art, private aircraft, yachts, classic automobiles, jewelry, wines, coins, etc. In addition to working with “behind the scenes” specialists among these asset classes, Knight Frank has ongoing working relationships with more than 180 different lending institutions throughout the world in order to assist its clients actualize their goals seamlessly and discretely.

Take a moment to read Knight Frank’s marketing materials by clicking through to this PDF. According to Tim Harris, “This is what a luxury residential advisory service ought to look like.” Be as exacting as Knight Frank and Tim Harris when creating, executing, delivering and marketing your own luxury residential services.