Tim and Julie Harris’s Weekly Podcast Roundup is a new feature for Harris Real Estate Coaching Radio.  With the week’s most recent podcasts all in one place for your listening and learning pleasure, we hope that working with Tim and Julie via podcast will be even more convenient and efficient for you.  Please let us know.

The week of March 11 2019 focuses on Super Star agent Elizabeth Riley, a three-part series about transitioning from part-time real estate dabbler to top producing, super star agent status and a topic applicable to every agent at any age…”It’s Never Too Late to Hit It BIG.”

Let’s begin.

  • Top Producing Agent Elizabeth Riley has enhanced her 10-year super-star real estate career in Texas with 20 years of marketing expertise.  Not only has Riley been awarded with honors and accolades (#1 agent at her Keller Williams market center and nominee for Top Residential Real Estate Awards by the Austin Business Journal), Riley and her husband are active real estate investors in Texas.Listen and learn how Elizabeth Riley created and now maintains her top producing status.



  • It’s Never TOO Late to Hit It BIG This podcast is for ANY agent of ANY AGE.  Tim and Julie focus on the reality that there is no such thing as an “overnight” success.  Overnight success stories are years in the making and they require years of lazar-like focus and single-mindedness.  One question you might want to ask yourselves is, “Are you ‘trying out’ real estate or are you ‘all in’?”  Once you decide, Tim and Julie help you” hit it big” in this podcast.

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